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Tom Russell milos_parker at yahoo.com
Fri Mar 24 07:43:10 PST 2006

Arthur Spitzer wrote:

> That was fast.  Looks good.

Thanks, I tried my best.  Also, while I'm at, thank you for the kind
words re: Master Blaster specials, essays & WOMM.  The fourth issue of
the latter should be coming out soon-- I'll probably be done writing it
within a week and then I have to send it a few people to approve the
writing of their characters.

> As to other spinoffs the LNH had:
> Net.Trenchcoat Brigade
> Jeff McCoskey's Pulp Imprint
> Jeff McCoskey's LNH Men
> The Order of St. Doomas
> Ben Rawluks Legion of Heroes
> RACCCafe
> Maybe there should be a section about the LNH's Backhistory.
> Boy Lad, Agent of the Pulps that sort of thing.

I'm not as familiar with the backstory/spinoffs myself, and so I would
be ill-suited to make those changes.  However, I do have some
structural advice for any author that does take it upon themselves to
add this information.

I think it would be best suited under the section entitled "The
Looniverse", which details aspects of the LNH world.

The Looniverse
1. The basic info about the Looniverse
2. The back-story
3. The LNH itself
4. Other Notable Teams
5. Spin-Off Series (which would also incorporate the LNHY and LNH2)

Since the discussion of WCs seem to fit better in the Evolution
section, I would then move it there, creating the separate sections:

1. WCs and NWCs
2. Notable Characters
3. Notable Series

We should still act with an eye towards keeping things concise, but I
certainly think the characters section needs fleshing out.  First of
all, all the characters listed are men.  Now, there are more men than
women (I think) but still, we need to have a few in there.

Also, most of the characters are wReam's-- and, really, this is because
I find that wReam's characters are the most essentially LNH-like.
Since there are many, many more people who have fleshed out the Legion
in the intervening period, things should be more balanced.

I think expanding the character list to an even dozen would be a safe
bet.  And...

> Organic Lass, Catalyst Lass, Dr. Stomper, Parking Karma Kid would be other
> important characters.

... these are excellent suggestions, Arthur.  I'd say throw in
Sarcastic Lad or Pocket Man for good measure as well.

> And when you type LNH it goes to an article on the NHL.
> Arthur "Damn those French Canadians" Spitzer

--Tom "The special spatial properties of LNHQ, its subbasements, and
its Oozelfinches deserve mention, too" Russell

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