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> Well, it's a start, anyway...
> http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Legion_of_Net._Heroes
> ... in true WikiSpirit, feel free to edit the text, one and all.  I've
> tried to keep the number of characters and series mentioned to a
> minimum to avoid needless croft.  Please keep this in mind.  With a
> little luck, we might make Featured Article status.
> --Tom

>Dvandom Force[23]: Dave Von Domelen's series is a mixture of high drama,
>political intrigue, and anime-based parody. Probably one of the most admired
>series on RACC, it ended its run with issue # 100. One of the best Dvandom
>Force stories is The Century Pact.

One of the best Dvandom Force stories is the Century Pact?  I'm not sure I'd
agree with that.

Arthur "Constellation was better" Spitzer

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