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> Well, it's a start, anyway...
> http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Legion_of_Net._Heroes
> ... in true WikiSpirit, feel free to edit the text, one and all.  I've
> tried to keep the number of characters and series mentioned to a
> minimum to avoid needless croft.  Please keep this in mind.  With a
> little luck, we might make Featured Article status.
> --Tom

That was fast.  Looks good.

I added some categories to it.

As to other spinoffs the LNH had:

Net.Trenchcoat Brigade
Jeff McCoskey's Pulp Imprint
Jeff McCoskey's LNH Men
The Order of St. Doomas
Ben Rawluks Legion of Heroes

Maybe there should be a section about the LNH's Backhistory.
Boy Lad, Agent of the Pulps that sort of thing.

Other important series would be LNH Comics Presents and System Corrupters.

Organic Lass, Catalyst Lass, Dr. Stomper, Parking Karma Kid would be other
important characters.

And when you type LNH it goes to an article on the NHL.

Arthur "Damn those French Canadians" Spitzer

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