META: Your Loved Ones

Jesse Willey cabbagewielder at
Fri Jun 9 03:23:35 PDT 2006

--- Saxon Brenton <saxonbrenton at> wrote:

> Tom Russell wrote:
> >
> >How involved are your loved ones with RACC?  Are
> they even aware that
> >it exists?  Do you bounce story or character ideas
> off of them?  Have
> >you ever persuaded anyone to join the group?  (I've
> persuaded Cory
> >Smith and Anthony Ringwelski, neither of whom
> stayed for very long.)
> >Have you showed them pieces of your own writing? 
> Have you given them
> >pieces of other people's writing because you think
> they'll enjoy it
> >and/or the writing is itself exemplary?  How many
> of your loved ones
> >are big on comic books in the first place?

  I'm the only one who really likes comics.  Though my
Mom swiped American Gods from me and I couldn't find
it for awhile.   It had to read the entire book in two
and a half days to get it back to the library on time.
   Once we get my new bookshelf (and thus have more
space in my room for comics again) I'm going to bug
her till she reads Sandman.  
   Also, there is an issue of Adventures Beyond
Comprehension that I just finished.   I know he has a
three issues backlog but I'm hoping Tom gets to it by
next week... or someone else could beta it.   I'm not
sure if he'd get it... but some of it is sort of based
on him.    

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