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Thu Jun 8 22:14:40 PDT 2006

Tom Russell wrote:
>How involved are your loved ones with RACC?  Are they even aware that
>it exists?  Do you bounce story or character ideas off of them?  Have
>you ever persuaded anyone to join the group?  (I've persuaded Cory
>Smith and Anthony Ringwelski, neither of whom stayed for very long.)
>Have you showed them pieces of your own writing?  Have you given them
>pieces of other people's writing because you think they'll enjoy it
>and/or the writing is itself exemplary?  How many of your loved ones
>are big on comic books in the first place?

Out of a family of five, I was the one who read the comics rabidly, as well
as collecting and storing them, but Mum, dad and one of the sisters read
them as well to some extent or another.  The final sister, who has mild
dyslexia and did not read for pleasure when she was younger, never got
into them.  This led to one amusing exchange one time when we were out
at a restraunt, and the first four of us were animatedly discussing... I 
think it
was the latest events in the X-Men, probably... and the youngest sister
snapped at us - quite justifiably - to shut the hell up about the comic 
Anyway, they know what my hobbies are.

More recently - only a few years ago - we were spending Christmas at my
sister's new house out at the beach, and I was typing out the final text
for the 'It Came From The Late Late Late Show' arc of Limp-Asparagus Lad.
The two sisters were watching a video, but kept looking over the back at
the lounge at me in the next room, and commenting that I was obviously
enjoying myself because of the huge grin I had plastered over my face.

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