[ADMIN] FAQ updated

Eagle eagle at eyrie.org
Sat Apr 29 21:30:28 PDT 2006

I've done a general update of the FAQ for the first time in quite a while.
Most of it was housekeeping, URL updates, and that sort of thing, plus
cleaning out old imprints and contact points (see my other message).
However, I also added information about the new mailing-list-style
archive, pointed out that the mailing list version works just like a
regular mailing list and people should feel free to use it that way, and
noted the following bit that I'd been meaning to mention for a while:

    Many readers of rec.arts.comics.creative use Google Groups to read and
    post.  While this works, and I know it's convenient, Google Groups
    also deletes anything enclosed in square brackets ([]) at the
    beginning of Subject lines in replies.  If you use Google Groups,
    please try to remember to put back the imprint tags when you reply to
    posts; otherwise, I have to add them as the moderator.

Note that, if you like the interface, you can always get a Gmail account,
subscribe to the racc at lists.eyrie.org mailing list, and read and post from
Gmail.  I hear that Gmail is better than Google Groups in terms of
interface anyway, and I don't believe it has this bug (although I'm not
sure; I've not experimented).

(And yeah, I did report this bug to Google, a couple of times, without any

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