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                          Boring Publications Presents...

                        Scenes In the Life of Possible Man #1

                                    By Tim Munn

                                ~Scene In a Kitchen~

	"Possible Man?"
	He looked up from his daydreams reluctantly, hoping for a quick return
to those fantastic realms.  It was his friend Sam, who looked at him in
annoyance.  He'd always been a good friend, but now, in these times-
	"What's wrong with you?" he asked.  "It seems that all you do
now is daydream!  If super-heroes were such as you, this world would
have been blown to smithereens long ago," he said, taking a bite out
of his warm pasty.  Sam nodded to himself in disgust.  It had been like
this for far too long now.  Something had to be done.
	"Possible Man, if I were to tell you that, as of right now the world
was ending, would you save it?" Sam asked in a perturbed state.
	Possible Man seemed to think for a minute, dreamily.  He smiled a bit
then responded.  "Yes.  Yes I would."
	Sam being quite skeptical, wasn't sure of that answer.  "You'd
do it for the tail you'd get afterwards, wouldn't you?"
	"Are you crazy Sam?!  You know I would!!" he said, immediately
perking up.  He laughed giving a high-five to Sam.  "Of course,"
Possible Man continued, "that's the only way you'd get any!"
	"Yup!" Sam said, turning red when he realized what he said.  He
went white however, when a red flesh flew across the kitchen window,
filling the space with a momentary red glow.  "Holy God!!  What was
	"Probably the end of the world as we know it," Possible Man
replied, starting to daydream once more.

Copyright 11/11/2005 Tim Munn
10:26 p.m.

Author's Notes:

Possible Man and Sam created by Tim Munn

This came into my mind after working on Pointless Posting Man #'s
5-9, and reading a short story here:
That's pretty much it, besides the fact that I've just precoged
Pointless Posting Man #5-9 (#5 and 6 hopefully later this month, maybe
7-9 too) and a few links for great Michigan Pasties.
Also, if anybody would like to write a scene in the life of Possible
Man, you're certainly welcome to do so.  :)

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