[BP] Official Pointless Posting Man Precog

Tim Munn drtimphd at gmail.com
Fri Nov 11 23:13:36 PST 2005

             Boring Publications Presents...

             Coming Attractions:

Introducing the first imaginary Story Arc within the pages of Pointless
Posting Man!!

In Issue 5, who is the Net-Accumulator.Info Moderator, and what does
Corey Haim have to do with his evil plans?

In Issue 6, brings the all-out battle between Pointless Posting Man and
Net-Accumulator.Info Moderator; but what do the Radical Librarians have
to do with it?!

In Issue 7, an uneasy alliance is had between the Radical Librarians
and Pointless Posting Man, but will it all end when the battle is taken
to Detroit?

In Issue 8, it's one thing to be attacked by villains that hate you,
but now Aliiens?!

In Issue 9, with a final burst of effort our heroes save the day, or do

All these issues out whenever!!!

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