[RACCies] 2004 RACCies Awards Ceremony

Saxon Brenton saxon.brenton at uts.edu.au
Wed Mar 9 16:01:26 PST 2005

Arthur Spitzer <arspitzer at earthlink.net> wrote 
> Ah, well.  Damn.  Thanks.  Thanks to everyone who voted for me and my
> work.  It means a lot.
Without trying to bore anyone by trying to micro-examine the numbers, and 
without violating privacy by naming who voted for what, I will note that 
when Cauliflower won, it tended to do so by a large margin.  As a rule 
of thumb, people *loved* that pit maltoodle.
> And since it was Saxon who won the award for favorite person who hangs
> out on alt.comics.lnh, I guess I won't have to worry about the
> Looniverse Answering Machine hunting me down for revenge.  So it looks
> like everything worked...
You know, I was toying with having the Answering Machine begin its stint 
as presenter with a *pointed* comment about a certain smear campaign, but 
in the time I had left I couldn't get the phrasing to work even in my head, 
let alone on the typed page, so I gave up on it.
Saxon Brenton    Uni of Technology, city library, Sydney Australia
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