[RACCies] 2004 RACCies Awards Ceremony

Arthur Spitzer arspitzer at earthlink.net
Fri Mar 11 23:00:34 PST 2005

Saxon Brenton wrote:

> Arthur Spitzer <arspitzer at earthlink.net> wrote
> [...]
> > Ah, well.  Damn.  Thanks.  Thanks to everyone who voted for me and my
> > work.  It means a lot.
> Without trying to bore anyone by trying to micro-examine the numbers, and
> without violating privacy by naming who voted for what, I will note that
> when Cauliflower won, it tended to do so by a large margin.  As a rule
> of thumb, people *loved* that pit maltoodle.

Or it could be the sinister work of the Christmas Pooch Conspiracy!

I have entertained the idea of writing a sequel to it.  It would be
called 'Cauliflower the Conqueror' (or The Savage Paw of Cauliflower) in
which we see an alternate universe version of Cauliflower who instead of
using his Christmas Powers to bring christmas cheer uses them to enslave
worlds and conquer his alternate Looniverse.  Eventually getting so
powerful that he starts conquering neighboring Looniverses.

This will probably never happen though.  Just file it with the other
million ideas in my head that will never be written.

Arthur "Not Ready for Christmas Concentration Camps?" Spitzer

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