[LNHY] Precogs / Roster Update

Arspitzer arspitzer at aol.com
Mon Jan 10 20:10:17 PST 2005

Martin Phipps wrote:
>With the
>World's Worst Heroes captured by Doctor Apocalypse (name suggested by
>Rob Rogers), Leroy Laurel had to quickly recruit a new team, the All
>bad, Even Worse, World's Worst Heroes.
>ENEMIES: Mr. Serious, Doctor Apocalypse

Assuming you get permission from Rob to use the name.

>I am thinking that maybe I.sig, SAGneto, Dir.mandu,
>Doctor Apocalypse, Mr. Serious and The Before Satan Guy could conspire
>to attack the Deadly Serious Squad, the World's Worst Heroes, Doctor
>Peculiar, the Teen Fascists, Google.mesh and the Before God Guys with
>the LNH being beneath their notice and potentially there to save the
>day.  Okay, it's all a bit silly and the Deadly Serious Squad might
>object to even being made part of it.  That alone makes it worth doing.

Heh.  The Before Satan Guys.  Clever.

>Anyway, I'm in no hurry to write this.  I figure Pocoloco has already
>volunteered to write Looniverse Y #2 and presumably do the honours of
>killing off Madame Middle Finger for us so I don't have to worry about
>wrapping up that storyline first.

Of course assuming Looniverse Y #2 will be ever written is not the
safest of assumptions.

Arthur "The Before Looniverse Y #2 Guy" Spitzer

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