META: What do the RACC Readers think is the best?

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Thu Jan 6 15:03:08 PST 2005

Arthur wrote:
> This seems to be a pretty slow week so I'd thought I'd start
> a best of thread...

Off the top of my head, and with the caveat that further
reflection might change my mind:

What's your favorite movie?

Star Wars 4: A New Hope

Favorite TV show?

Dr Who

Favorite book?

Doctor's Order's - Diuane Duane ; Thief of Time - Terry
Pratchett [so many Pratchett's to choose from...]

Favorite short story?

Gernsback Continuum - William Gibson ; Homecoming - Ray

Favorite Comic Book?

Sandman - Neil Gaiman ; Girl Genius - Phil & Kaja Foglio

Favorite Comic Strip?

Bloom County

Favorite Song?

A Little Further North Each Year - [blanking on singer]

Favorite Album?

Journey Through Time - Moody Blues

Favorite Color?


Favorite Food Color?

[pass, never really thought about it]

Favorite Number?

uh, 3?

Favorite Mythology?

Norse ; various Australian Aboriginal

Favorite Conspiracy Theory?

What, excluding or including the one's I've made up
Humans never went to the moon ;
The Mormon Chruch supresses the fact that a small but
regular number of their missionaries are lured into private
homes under the pretense of theological discussion, drugged
and sold into slavery.

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