META: What do the RACC Readers think is the best?

phippsmartin at phippsmartin at
Sat Jan 8 19:07:51 PST 2005

saxon.brenton at wrote:

> Favorite TV show?
> Dr Who
> Favorite book?
> Doctor's Order's - Diuane Duane ; Thief of Time - Terry
> Pratchett [so many Pratchett's to choose from...]

If you're such a big Dr. Who fan then I have two questions.

1) How come Limp Asperagus Lad (as far as I can recall) has never
travelled through time.  I can think of two explanations: either Limp
Asperagus Lad's drama dampening field prevents him from travelling
through time or the author has become jaded after reading or watching a
lot of time travel stories that he automatically considers time travel
stories to be unoriginal, arguing that they've all been done before.

2) Which came first?  The Dr. Who episode featuring the daleks or the
Outer Limits episodes "Demon with a Glass Hand" and "Soldier" which
later became the inspiration for The Terminator?  Harlan Elison made a
big deal about James Cameron using his idea of a robot from the future
carrying a big gun and threatening to "terminate" people but who really
inspired whom?  Hmm.  I tried looking at the internet movie database
but both series started in 1963 so that doesn't help.


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