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2020.  The future.  TokIO, J at pan,

  "We've been flying around TokIO for hours!" Sonic complained.  "Still
no sign of this net.villain we are supposed to face!"
  "Be patient," Moonfire said.  "We'll defeat the villain who will then
help us deactivate the bomb.  That's why we're here."
  "Hey!  What's that?" Sonic asked.
  "Over there.  Coming towards us," she said, pointing.
  "I'm not sure," Moonfire said, but he was able to get a better look
as it came closer.  "Oh no!"
  "What is it?"
  "I think it's a missile!"

             LNH Asia: 2 Slow 2 Serious #4 (of 4)

Bang.dos, Thai.lan.

  "I'm worried," Imelda told her husband.
  "It's okay," Deja Dude said to his wife.  "Intuition Girl and
Acraphobe have already defeated Kan Bujian in TaipA:, Tai1 and have
already disabled the nuclear weapon there.  Yin and Yang have done
likewise with Su Nami in Kua.lan Lan.pur, M at laysia.  As have Lava and
Tremor with Typhoon in So.url, Ko.rec.  And Nimbo and Utraman have just
defeated Chao Erzi in Lan.jing, Chi.net and are on their way to
disabling the nuclear bomb in that city too.  We're winning!"
  "I hope Michael and Nudchnad can find the bomb in Mani.lan," Imelda
said.  "I don't want to see Mani.lan destroyed.  I have cousins there."

Mani.lan, the Philippi.net.

  "You know, I've always thought of Mani.lan as a romantic city," Deja
Dude II said.  "After all, it is where my parents met."
  N shook her head.  "Let's concentrate on the problem at hand, shall
  Deja Dude II sighed.  "I figured this was our opportunity to get to
know each other better."
  "Really?" N asked.  "Ten million people are doomed to die unless we
can save them and _that_ is all you can think about?"
  Deja Dude II grimaced.  "I hope this net.villain gets here soon."
  "You get your wish!" said a tall Eurasian man in a white suit who had
suddenly appeared amongst them.
  "Who are you?" Deja Dude II asked.
  "I am Eddy Tony Al Presence."
  "Eddy Tony Al Presence?"
  "Say it quickly."
  "EddyTonyAl Presence.  Oh.  I get it."
  Eddy Tony Al Presence smiled.  "I am the son of Arthur E. L.
Presence.  I have inherited his powers just as you have inherited your
father's powers."
  "Well, good for you," Deja Dude II said.
  "You will have to defeat me if you want me to help you deactivate the
bomb," Eddy Tony Al Presence said.
  "Fine," Deja Dude II said.  "How about a race?  Let's see who can
teleport around the world the fastest!"
  They both disappeared simultaneously.  A few seconds later, they both
  "So who came back first?" Deja Dude II asked N.
  "I honestly couldn't tell."
  "Damn," Deja Dude II swore.
  "We'll have to call that a draw," Eddy Tony Al said.
  "Fine," Deja Dude II said.  "If our powers are evenly matched then we
will have to settle this some other way!"
  "What do you suggest?"
  "Yes, chess!"
  "If you don't mind," N said, "I think I would be a better opponent
for him."
  "No, Deja Dude II said.  "I am the one who made the challenge!"
  "Very well," Eddy Tony Al said.  "Chess it is."

TokIO, J at pan.

  "It's still following us," Sonic said, "no matter how much we try to
evade it.  And it's catching up with us!"
  "It must be heat seeking," Moonfire reasoned.  "We'll have to
separate.  I'll use my moonfire power to draw it away!"
  "But you'll be killed when it catches up with you!"
  "No," Moonfire promised.  "I am invulnerable when I am flying."
  "Alright.  Good luck!"
  Moonfire flew off, expecting the missile to follow him instead of
Sonic.  But it continued following Sonic.  What's more, it soon became
clear that it was not a missile at all, but a young Japanese woman who
took on the appearance of a missile when she was flying.
  "Hiro!  Help!" Sonic screamed.
  Moonfire flew back and grabbed the woman before she could catch up
with Sonic.  Sonic flew off to safety just as the net.villain exploded.
  "Hiro!  No!"
  "It's okay!" Moonfire said.  "I am invulnerable to harm while in
flight.  Just like I said."
  Sonic flew back to see what had happened.  "What happened?" she
  "The net.villain exploded," he said.  "She's dead."
  "Oh no!" Sonic said.  "How will we get her to help us now?"

  Meanwhile, in Mani.lan, the Philippi.net, Deja Dude II and Eddy Tony
Al Presence were setting up the chess board.
  "Who goes first?" Eddy Tony Al asked.
  Deja Dude II mused for a moment.  "I challenged you," he reasoned,
"so you get to go first."
  "Very well."  Eddy Tony Al made his move.
  N leaned forward to whisper something to Deja Dude II.
  "Thanks but no thanks, N!" Deja Dude II said.  "I'll play this game
by myself!"
  "Indeed," Eddy Tony Al said.  "Any interference by you and I'll
consider it cheating!  You'll be forfeiting the game!"
  "Very well," N said nervously.  "Michael... good luck."

TokIO, J at pan.

  "I'm not dead," the Japanese net.villain said as she reappeared in
front of our heroes.  "My name is Kamikazi.  I have the power to fly
like a missile, explode and then put myself back together again."
  "But I stopped you from killing Sonic!" Moonfire argued.  "I defeated
  "So you did," kamikaze said.  "You win!"
  "I don't like this," Sonic whispered to Moonfire.  "This was too
  "Perhaps she doesn't really want to kill all these people.  Why
should we question her motives?"
  "Because I get the feeling we're being set up!"

  Later, in Bang.dos, Thai.lan, Deja Dude's cell phone rang.  He
answered it.
  "Hello?" he said.
  <<Hello, Dad!  It's Michael!  I defeated the net.villain here in
  "Good for you!"
  <<I defeated him at chess, Dad!  It was easy!  It's almost as though
he let me win!>>
  <<We're going to go now to find the bomb and deactivate it!"
  "Alright, I'll tell the Sequel.  Bye."  He hung up.  "Michael's gone
to disable the bomb in Mani.lan," he told his wife.
  "Thank God!" she said.
  "I'm going to go see the Sequel!" he said as he disappered.

  Deja Dude reappeared in the Prime Minsiter's residence.
  "Give it up, Sequel," he said, "it's over!"
  The Sequel smiled.  "Is it?"
  "The bombs in So.url, TokIO, Nan.jing, TaipA:, Kua.lan Lan.pur and
Mani.lan have all been deactivated.  Yes, it's over."
  The Sequel laughed.  "Those bombs were meant as diversions!  My
fellow net.villains had no intention of sacrificing their lives!  But
there is one more bomb here in Bang.dos!  And you'll never get me to
help you deactivate it!  I am willing to die to see the LNH face this
humiliating defeat!  Ha ha ha ha!  I couldn't deactivate it even if I
wanted to!  The detonator is tamper proof!  Ha ha ha ha!"
  Deja Dude II reached behind his back and pulled out a device.  "Do
you mean this detonator?"
   "But... how?"
  "You fool!" Deja Dude said.  "I went along with this scheme of yours
because I thought it would make a good story, but surely you didn't
think I would let you blow up Bang.dos?"
  "You haven't won yet!" the Sequel said.  "Kill him!" he ordered his
armed accomplices.  They found that their weapons were not working
  "Like I said.  It's over."  Deja Dude spoke into a walkie-talkie.
"You can come in now!"  On his order, the Thai military stormed the
building and arrested the Sequel.
  The Thai Prime Minister emerged from his captivity.  "I want to thank
you and your team for defeating the Brotherhood of Asian Net.villains
and saving the city!  How can we repay you?"
  Deja Dude mused for a moment.  "You might want to have another
meeting with President Legarda and tell her that LNH Asia is free to
operate in Thai.lan.  I'm sure she would likewise welcome the Newer
Mutants in the Philippi.net."
  "I'll see that we can come to a mutual agreement," the Thai Prime
Minister promised.
  "Good," Deja Dude said with a smile, "then my job here is done!"


Credits: Everybody is mine, except Arthur E. L. Presence who was
created by Steven Howard


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