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2020.  The future.  Bang.dos, Thai.lan.

  "Can't you help them?" Imelda asked her husband.
  "I have helped them," Deja Dude told her.  "I have sent the right
net.heroes to fight the right net.villains in the right countries.  Now
it is all up to them."
  "But if they fail, so many people will die," Imelda angsted.  "In
each city is a nuclear bomb set to explode if they can't defeat the
net.villains in time!"
  "They won't fail," Deja Dude assured her.  "Intuition Girl and
Acraphobe have already defeated Kan Bujian in TaipA:, Tai1, Yin and
Yang have already defeated Su Nami in Kua.lan Lan.pur, M at laysia and
Tremor and Lava are already facing Typhoon as we speak in So.url,

                LNH Asia: 2 Slow 2 Serious #3 (of 4)

So.url, Ko.rec.

  "Ahhh!" Lava screamed as Typhoon's winds blew her off her feet.  "I
can't stand up!  I can't use my powers!"
  "You don't have to stand!" Tremor said as the layed on the ground.
"Touch the ground with your hands!"  He touched the ground himself and
caused an earthquake that threw Typhoon off her feet.  "Now use your
power quickly!  Finish her off!"
  "But my lava would kill her!"
  "We have to win!"
  "I can't do it!  Besides, if we kill her then she can't help us to
deactivate the bomb."
  "Damn!" Tremor swore.  "You're right!"  Tremor quickly stood up and
started running towards Typhoon before she could get her bearings.  He
grabbed her by the throat."
  "What?!  How?!" she asked.
  "Surrender!" Tremor demanded.
  "Yes!" she said.  "Just don't kill me!"
  "We won't kill you," Tremor promised, "as long as you do as we say!"

Meanwhile, in Lan.jing, Chi.net,

  "How come you know this city already?" Nimbo asked Utraman.
  "Because Michael, Hiro and I fought the Lan.darin here only a couple
of months ago," Utraman reminded her.
  "Oh," Nimbo said, "that's right."
  "Anyway, 'Lan.jing' means 'southern capital' in Mandarin Chinese.  It
was a capital of Chi.net before Beijing.  It was also the site of a
horrible massacre during the second world war."
  A Chinese man who had been standing behind them started clapping.
"Very good.  Your knowledge of Chinese and Chinese history is
   "Thank you," Utraman said.  "We are Utraman and Nimbo of LNH Asia.
And you are...?"
  "Call me Chao Erzi!"
  "Super... boy?"
  Chao Erzi smiled.  "Yes, that's right."
  "I take it then that you are the net.villain that we came to fight
here in Lan.jing?" Utraman surmised.
  "You surmise correctly."  Chao Erzi looked at Nimbo.  "I don't know
why you brought her along.  I am familiar with both your powers.
Frankly, I see this as a battle between you and me alone."
  Utraman nodded.  "Perhaps... but just look at her.  There are fanboys
who pick up this series just for her alone.  It doesn't matter if her
presence actually affects the plot."
  "I see," Chao Erzi said, "so no in-story reason for her to be here
  "Well, no," Utraman admitted, "other than keeping me company until
you showed up and giving me something to talk to."
  "Then she can stay out of this battle then!" Chao Erzi said.  "This
battle is between you and me!"
  "As you say!"
  Utraman and Chao Erzi faced off against each other.  Each of them
wanted to finish the other off quickly, so they both tried using heat
vision, only to find that each of them was immune to heat vision.  So
they both flew forward into each other, each assuming that the
collision would knock out the other, but they just bounced off of each
other.  They then threw punches at each other, neither particularly
worried about being hit themselves because nobody had ever managed to
do serious damage to either of them before.  Except that they both
found themselves to be a bit dazed.  So then they tried using their
super speeg to avoid each other's blows, only to find that they were no
longer landing any solid blows and that neither of them seemed to be
  Utraman thought the whole exercise was getting tiresome.  He decided
to try his ice cold breath against his opponent.  It was surprisingly
  "Cold!  So cold!" Chao Erzi complained.  He seemed to be weakening
more and more as Utraman poured on the cold.
  "Surrender!" Utraman said.
  "Never!" Chao Erzi said, but he had obviously weakened and, having
slowed down considerably, Utraman was now able to land some solid
  "But I am winning!"
  "But you still haven't defeated me!"
  "I don't want to kill you!"
  Chao Erzi laughed.  "You can't kill me!"
  "If you say so!"  Utraman put all his strength and super speed behind
his blows until Chao Erzi was at his feet.
  "Alright," Chao Erzi said, finally.  "You win!"
  "So you will lead us to the bomb and help us deactivate it?"
  "Yes," Chao Erzi said.  "As agreed."

Meanwhile, in TokIO, J at pan,

  "We've been flying around TokIO for hours!" Sonic complained.  "Still
no sign of this net.villain we are supposed to face!"
  "Be patient," Moonfire said.  "We'll defeat the villain who will then
help us deactivate the bomb.  That's why we're here."
  "Hey!  What's that?" Sonic asked.
  "Over there.  Coming towards us," she said, pointing.
  "I'm not sure," Moonfire said, but he was able to get a better look
as it came closer.  "Oh no!"
  "What is it?"
  "I think it's a missle!"

                                       TO BE CONCLUDED!

Credits: Everybody's mine


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