[REV] End of Month Reviews - August 2004 [spoilers]

Dave Van Domelen dvandom at haven.eyrie.org
Sat Sep 4 23:56:36 PDT 2004

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Arspitzer <arspitzer at aol.com> wrote:
>Looking through Google I find it interesting that there are no old posts 
>about the whole Woody Scandal.  Was the Woody Scandal something that was 
>just completely blown out of proportion?

     I think it was more a matter of coming so completely out of left field,
and also shocking the co-writers a bit.  At the time, the storyline in
question was bouncing between (IIRC) four writers, a couple of whom were on
the young and easily offended side.  Plus, for those of us who weren't
offended by the content, many of us found the execution offensive on a
literary level.  I.e. crude and utterly unromantic phrasing used for what was
probably intended to be a significant character moment.

     Of course, over in ASH, I've had someone use tantric sex to cure
paralysis, and more recently have been dealing with the sex lives of people
who are no longer organic, so I'm probably on that "jaded" side.

     Dave Van Domelen, Comet may be cold, but she's not frigid....

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