[REV] End of Month Reviews - August 2004 [spoilers]

Jesse Willey cabbagewielder at yahoo.com
Sat Sep 4 04:52:39 PDT 2004

> Inappropriate fat joke in a climactic scene?  Check.
>  But do we want to suppress Jesse when he has found
> his inner comedian?

  I have ALWAYS had an inner comedian.  I mean did you
read Patient Zero and Absurd Lass #6... or the annual
for that matter.  It just didn't show up as much in
The Team because it wasn't the type of story I was
trying to tell.   Though I happen to think Polarized
Ions #1-3 are amongst the funniest things I've ever

> Granted, CEL should not have seriously thought Dran
> was going to throw her at Disco King's machinery   >
but maybe the fact that the thought
> crossed her mind just means that she is self-      >
conscious about her weight.

 No, the joke was that it crossed her mind, she's a
little self-conscious about her weight, and Dran
didn't know what the hell she was talking about.  
There are things in life that Dran knows a lot about
like strategizing, engineering, baseball, and video
games.   But in many many ways he is very naive.  

> Sigh.
> Maybe we should stick an "adults only" sign on RACC
> and be done with
> it?

  Actually, I think if the run we did on Generation
Zed could probably get by as a PG-13 rating.  Probably
nothing else this month could... but that could.
> Mind you, I don't think any of this compares with
> Passion Fishing or
> the Woody Scandal.

 Or most issues of The Team... or Pearly White
(especially after Tom gave me the title and let me run
with it)... or even some storylines in Teenfactor...
or the never got out of plotting stages Action League:
Poland/Action League: New Brunswick crossover that if
I remember correctly have a scene involving a woman in
a wheel chair trying to seduce a midget.   

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