[REV] End of Month Reviews - August 2004 [spoilers]

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>      I've been feeling as sick as a dog over the past few days, 

Sorry to hear that.

> LNH Asia Full Throtle #3-4
>      Members of LNH Asia head off to the capture the Lan.darin and 
> retrieve the disc of information, while the Lan.darin's ally Cute Emma 
> arrives at LNH Asia headquarters. Fights ensue, but in keeping with a 
> running gag started in #2 - that the readers are mainly interested in 
> watching beautiful women in tight, skimpy costumes - the Cute Emma/Cute 
> Anna match is given priority while the LNH/Lan.darin fight occurs off 
> panel. 

Oh good.  You got the joke.  I was worried that someone might complain
the Lan.darin fight was too short.  It's just that the Cute Anna /
Cute Emma fight was more interesting.

> LNHY #1
>      You know, when you sit down and think about it, it's amazing that a 
> shared writing universe like the LNH - which started as a joke thread 
> over a decade ago - should not only be continuing when other, more care-
> fully planned universes like Omega or Crossroads are, at the very best, 
> on indefinite hiatus, but is actually producing spin-off imprints from 
> itself. An optimist might start theorising about the therapeutic benefits 
> of comic book parody for letting off steam. A pessimist might start 
> theorising about lowest common denominators - before muttering about the 
> spread of cancer cells.

Lowest common denominator?  Is that what the LNH/LNH2/LNHY has been
this month?  Hmm.

Men reviewing movies based on how hot the female lead is?  Check.  But
 we also have the website joblo.com where this is a consideration in
every review.

Implied rape and incest?  Check.  Of course, Back to the Future had a
mother lusting after her teenaged son and it was rated PG.  At least
Mr. Bossman got what was coming to him.

Women in skimpy costumes?  Check.  Although since we don't see these
women actually drawn, the humour comes from the men's reaction to
these situations.

Leather clad woman with a strap on?  Check.  It doesn't bear thinking
about what she did with the strap on when she and Gotta-Luv-Me-Lad
were the only two people on Earth Y.  Let's say no more about that.

Inappropriate fat joke in a climactic scene?  Check.  But do we want
to suppress Jesse when he has found his inner comedian?  Granted, CEL
should not have seriously thought Dran was going to throw her at Disco
King's machinery but maybe the fact that the thought crossed her mind
just means that she is self-conscious about her weight.

A woman showing her breasts to men to demonstrate that she is, in
fact,  a woman?  Check.  And I guess that scene was my fault too
because I suggested that "Like Rouge" sounded like a brand of make-up.


Maybe we should stick an "adults only" sign on RACC and be done with

Mind you, I don't think any of this compares with Passion Fishing or
the Woody Scandal.


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