META: The Age of RACC Readership

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> META: The Age of RACC Readership
> I'm just curious who still reads RACC and
> also what the average age of people who
> read RACC.
> How old are you?
> 28

> When did you first start reading RACC, alt.comic.lnh, or
> were you one of the people who originally participated in
> the original LNH thread on rec.arts.comics?
> I started reading alt.comics.lnh in December of '93.

RACC, briefly in 1998 and again 2000-present

> What was the first series or story you read?

I can't even remember.  Journey Into Irrelevancy was the first actual
series I was really into.

> I believe the first issue I read was Tales of the LNH #299.
> The conclusion of the Blood Kitty saga.  Great stuff!
> You should go to archives and check it out if you haven't
> read it already.
> Okay people.  Delurk.  Post to this thread.  Everyone.
> Make Russ Allbery work hard.  And if you don't want to
> post to this thread write a post saying you don't want
> to post to this thread.  You can even lie.  I don't
> care.

Long time lurker, first time poster.  I've told myself every year I'd
post something on RACC, but never have.  Maybe this'll give me some
inspiration to post more often.  I've read quite a bit of the stuff on
RACC, and enjoyed it.

Tim "Hoping someday to post some of his work" Munn

> Arthur "Come on People" Spitzer

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