META: The Age of RACC Readership

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Sun Jun 13 10:05:31 PDT 2004

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> META: The Age of RACC Readership
> I'm just curious who still reads RACC and
> also what the average age of people who
> read RACC.
> How old are you?


> When did you first start reading RACC, alt.comic.lnh, or
> were you one of the people who originally participated in
> the original LNH thread on rec.arts.comics?

I started reading rec.arts.comics.misc in September of 1992.  There
was a flame war going on in response to recent LNH posts (Scav's Long
Road to Nowhere and The Electrocutioner's Song)

> What was the first series or story you read?

Maybe Cry.sig.  I didn't read the Electrocutioner's Song when it first
came out because I didn't know who the characters were and seeing Scav
type people's NAMES in CAPS didn't help me understand who everybody
was.  I read the FAQ and asked Tori to send me Cry.sig by e-mail
because we didn't have an archive back then.

To be honest, I always thought that wReam was underrated.  In fact, he
should sue Marvel because Ultimate Captain America acts like Ultimate
Ninja in tights.  Oh but I did get them back for that, didn't I? :)


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