[LNH] [META] Various and sundry commentitude

Martin Phipps phippsmartin at hotmail.com
Thu Jul 29 09:45:07 PDT 2004

pwerdna at outgun.com (Andrew Perron) wrote in message
news:<330b5982.0407281956.2370ccde at posting.google.com>...
> First... yes, I *do* plan to write more Digital JUMP! eventually.
> >>;;; Every few months I add a couple more paragraphs to issue 4.  At
> this rate, it'll be done by Christmas 2005. `-`v Of course, I hope to
> finish it long before, but...

Really?  Ultimate Ninja assumed you weren't coming back.  He had the
stuff moved out of your room and put in storage.  But you'll be able
to move into Miss Translation's room because she got fired, presumably
because nobody could understand her except Time Waster Lad and they
were probably thinking of dismissing him anyway.  Hmm.  Procastination
Boy had better watch out!

> Third, I've been looking over old threads in Google.  Am I the only
> one who *likes* the idea of a messy, chaotic LNH membership with
> hundreds of superfluous characters? >.>

I think so.

Seriously, the problem isn't the size of the LNH but the fact that the
LNH Roster hasn't been updated since 1999.  It is a potential in joke
in the making.  ("He's dead?  But the roster says 'usable with
permission'."  "Well, sure, if you want to revive him I guess.")  That
means that no character introduced since 1999 will be listed on the
roster.  You can imagine the LNH to be as big as you like but
officially it won't get any bigger (or smaller) than it was in 1999. 
That's the problem.


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