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> > First... yes, I *do* plan to write more Digital JUMP! eventually.
> > >>;;; Every few months I add a couple more paragraphs to issue 4.  At
> > this rate, it'll be done by Christmas 2005. `-`v Of course, I hope to
> > finish it long before, but...
> Really?  Ultimate Ninja assumed you weren't coming back.  He had the
> stuff moved out of your room and put in storage.  But you'll be able
> to move into Miss Translation's room because she got fired, presumably
> because nobody could understand her except Time Waster Lad and they
> were probably thinking of dismissing him anyway.  Hmm.  Procastination
> Boy had better watch out!

Darnit, now I'll have to undertake the Three Quests of the Storage
Gnomes... *again*.

> > Third, I've been looking over old threads in Google.  Am I the only
> > one who *likes* the idea of a messy, chaotic LNH membership with
> > hundreds of superfluous characters? >.>
> I think so.
> Seriously, the problem isn't the size of the LNH but the fact that the
> LNH Roster hasn't been updated since 1999.  It is a potential in joke
> in the making.  ("He's dead?  But the roster says 'usable with
> permission'."  "Well, sure, if you want to revive him I guess.")

Well yeah.  The Flame Wars IV tendency to kill off little-known
characters just makes that worse, tho. >>;;; That's what I was
complaining about.

> That means that no character introduced since 1999 will be listed on the
> roster.  You can imagine the LNH to be as big as you like but
> officially it won't get any bigger (or smaller) than it was in 1999. 
> That's the problem.

Well, I dunno about "officially".  I don't think anyone would say that
someone "isn't really an LNHer" just because they haven't been added
to the roster.

But, yes, the roster - and the LNH info-documents in general - are in
sore need of updating.  Hmmmmmm, sounds like a project...

Andrew "NO .SIG MAN" "Juan" Perron, moowahahaha!

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