[LNH] Digital JUMP! #4

Saxon Brenton saxon.brenton at uts.edu.au
Mon Aug 2 20:27:48 PDT 2004

Andrew replied:
> So it wasn't the funniest thing you've ever read? 
No, it's not the funniest thing I've *ever* read, but it was damn funny.  
The non-careful use of anime schticks and the women-in-refrigerators 
jokes were all particularly LOL.
[problems over Alan Berry name]
>  Tarnation!  And I just re-read the entirety of Dvandom Force, too.
> *retcon retcon retcon* Ah, but you see... this character's *middle*
> name is Alan.  Yeah, that's it.  His first name is "Boysenstrawblue",
> which explains why he doesn't use it.  However, for some reason, he's
> just decided to go by his old elementary-school nickname of "Steve".
> And his power, to clarify, is the ability to never have to eat and
> never get hungry.  No super-speed involved.
   And no doubt he rooms with a foreign student who keeps complaining 
that just because he's from Mo.gosub.lia, everybody keeps treating him 
like a stinky goat herder.  Yes, okay, I think this is workable.  All you 
have to do now is get someone to use him ;-)
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