SW10/WWW: Powernaut 1992 #29: I Guess We Didn't Survive

Scott Eiler seiler at eilertech.com
Mon Jul 11 15:35:39 PDT 2022

Oh, Jeff...

It's over!  The longest Powernaut episode ever is over.  But I have 
already been working on the sequel, because loose ends.  1993:  World 
Without a Powernaut is coming!


Author's Notes:  I never did publish the whole set here.  So here it is.

Heh. I've had to consider my priorities for Powernaut Comics lately. 
Shall I continue to slog through the 1990s, or jump straight to 1999? 
But 1992 Part 2 starts with roughly the most innovative comic strip I 
have ever done. I can't stop now.

That first strip might be intense to read. It certainly was to publish. 
It's part of an experiment to reproduce 1990s comics. The intent of the 
experiment should become obvious as the series goes on.

I used to bill myself as a crappy cartoonist. But I've been talked out 
of that. So it behooves me to at least *try* to act like a *good* 

(signed) Scott Eiler, 30 October 2021.

  ... I can finally provide the Writer's Notes now. Readers may have 
figured out by now, this episode is based upon the Death of Superman 
comic book episode. I tried to address all the ways Superman could have 
fought a similar rampage better. And I didn't just let the Lois Lane 
counterpart stand aside helplessly.

The Artist would like to note, the panel-heavy early strips burned him 
out for a while. At sixteen strips, this was the longest Powernaut 
episode either. (There was no good way to break it up.) But the Artist 
caught up when the later strips had one or two drawings. Much of 
Powernaut 2003 will be like that also... thank the One Maker.

(signed) Scott Eiler, 11 July 2022.

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