ACRA/LNH: The BitTorrented Clickbaity Spham E-Mail of The Namer Boy -- Documentary Project: Season Three #3

Drew Nilium pwerdna at
Thu Oct 28 12:49:18 PDT 2021

On 10/28/21 12:01 AM, Arthur Spitzer wrote:
> On Tuesday, October 26, 2021 at 11:23:44 PM UTC-7, Drew Perron wrote:
>> On 10/26/21 9:06 PM, Arthur Spitzer wrote:
>>> "Usually around this time of year the sub-sub basements above ours get into these very blizzardy conditions
>>> that cause a number of problems with like the elevators and phone lines and so on...
>> Probably because of the broken ice machine on level 225.
> That's better than my idea, which involved the sub-sub above it being this huge Game of Thrones type
> ice wall..

See, I think yours is better. X3

>>> The room was filled with people. People wearing masks. People wearing Holiday Miracle Pet masks. He
>>> could see a person with an Eggplant the Easter Miracle Komodo Dragon mask orally pleasuring a person
>>> wearing a Cabbage the St. Patrick's Day Miracle Ferret mask.
>> ...I didn't expect this either XD XD XD
> When I was wondering which horror story to parody for this issue -- I remembered that scene in the Shining
> with the guys in the furry outfits -- and it became really clear what story I needed to do..

Yessssss. <3 Amazing.

 >> Arthur,
 >> I need you to know that I had a legit fucking nightmare last night and I
 >> blame reading your story right before bed. This is the highest compliment I
 >> can give??? X3
 >> Drew "literally it had someone's alternate personality being all possession-y"
 >> Nilium
 > Hah... sorry about that!  (Although I did put that warning at the top of my
 > story.. just saying..)

That you did! X3 Very appropriately so.

Drew "now I'm imagining a Higurashi version of this" Nilium

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