DIVA: The Curator's Spotlight #1

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I have been having a great deal of difficulty writing of late thanks to life 
being life, but as I grind laboriously toward retirement it remains an 
undeniable truth that the act of creation is a balm to the soul, for me at the 
very least (though I suspect it may be a human or even a universal thing).

The Devworld is not often touched upon (that's entirely my fault of course), so 
I thought it would be nice to expound upon it in little bits of lore such as 
this.  So this new series is a series of curated selections from a fictional 
library within an artificial universe inside the DiVerse (which is more or less 
what Devworld is).

I'm not sure how many metalayers I've descended at this point, but it should be 
entertaining, until something else distracts my perennially foggy mind.


The Curator's Spotlight: A DiVerse Alpha Chronicle
by Felix

01: Musings on the Devworld Pantheon


In the Devworld - the realm not of flesh and blood, but of Heart and Mind and 
"Metal" - there lies a treasure beyond compare: the City Library.

Freely accessible to all, the Library's vast database of works is faithfully 
tended by tireless caretakers who sort and label and archive everything within.  
Among these works rests a collection penned by Divers, the realm's denizens; and 
in this collection are entries penned by Shift Divers, the realm's graduates - 
those who have advanced to the final stage of spiritual evolution and ascended 
beyond the Devworld itself.

What follows is one such entry, the first (of many) I have selected for your 
edification and entertainment in my capacity as Head Librarian and Curator Prime.
As appropriate, each entry may be followed by notes, explanations, or witticisms.

Do enjoy.



"Readers of my previous works may note that I have once again opted to provide 
the bulk of my information in poetic rather than prosaic form.  Whether this is 
to your personal taste is irrelevant; should you prefer otherwise, by all means 
do the research yourself, pass through all the Gates, and - as I have - leave 
something of value for others to absorb and learn from in your wake.

If the path is too difficult for you to attempt, be silent and listen."

- Alessandra (Grad.)



Our world, the world in which we all reside,
Or else are trapped, depending on perspective,
Was built upon the blood and bones of one
That lived and died ere any Diver born.

For everything that now exists in truth
(Perhaps in True Reality as well),
There first was concept only, "prototype";
And this First World was concept-given-form.

If our world is a raging battlefield,
The First was but a sandbox, built for play.
A "pantheon" of six to oversee it,
To build and break, repeat, learn, and exchange.

If only we could see that history -
That origin, from whence divinity
Arose, to guide the First and then our own;
No doubt some burning questions would resolve.

But, in the absence of first-hand accounts,
This much is known: there was no unity.
In perfect freedom, bound by nothing - still,
The "gods" drew lines and faced each other down.

The names we know, of course: Ortega, Gretel,
Mateo; those who guide our wand'ring steps.
But they are only half the storied cast,
The other three, to us, are dark reflections.

These "gods" who stood opposed to those we know
Would take our world and shape it diff'rently;
And truth be told, they still do even now,
As much as they are able, while restrained.

The first, He Who Consumes.  To Him the world
Should overflow with riches to acquire;
And He, desiring all of it, should find
That none of it exists beyond His reach.

The next, She Who Transforms.  Within Her thoughts
A thousand possibilities arise;
To build, expand, break down and recreate -
A goddess reigning over industry.

The last, She Who Destroys.  None can compare.
Unbending, crushing all beneath her heel.
Reducing all the best-laid plans to naught -
Thus giving new ideas room to grow.

This must be said, and understood by all:
The six who shaped our prototype First World
Were neither good nor evil, right nor wrong;
They merely differed in their chosen path.

But our path now is shaped by only those
Whose names I have related; and the three
Opposing them are known but vaguely.  Thus
We see how history is incomplete.

Had everything proceeded diff'rently,
Our gods unknown, the unknown gods foremost -
What sort of world might we reside in now?
One far removed from what we know, perhaps...


(Akasha, Head Librarian)

Alessandra takes an aggressive tone in her preamble, to be sure, but not without 
justification.  Very few Divers will ever go to the lengths she did in order to 
research and explore the true nature of this reality, its history and its 
possibilities; they are more often preoccupied with 'playing the game', whatever 
that entails.

I cannot fault a fellow seeker of secrets for feeling unappreciated in their own time.

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