DIVA: The Curator's Spotlight #1

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Thu Oct 14 19:11:45 PDT 2021

On 10/14/21 8:02 PM, deucexm wrote:
> I have been having a great deal of difficulty writing of late thanks to life
> being life, but as I grind laboriously toward retirement it remains an
> undeniable truth that the act of creation is a balm to the soul, for me at the
> very least (though I suspect it may be a human or even a universal thing).

It is very much the same for me! :>

> The Devworld is not often touched upon (that's entirely my fault of course), so
> I thought it would be nice to expound upon it in little bits of lore such as
> this.  So this new series is a series of curated selections from a fictional
> library within an artificial universe inside the DiVerse (which is more or less
> what Devworld is).
> I'm not sure how many metalayers I've descended at this point, but it should be
> entertaining, until something else distracts my perennially foggy mind.

YEAH! Lots of lovely levels!

> In the Devworld - the realm not of flesh and blood, but of Heart and Mind and
> "Metal"

What a lovely phrase~

> - there lies a treasure beyond compare: the City Library.

That's one big city. :o

> Freely accessible to all, the Library's vast database of works is faithfully
> tended by tireless caretakers who sort and label and archive everything within.


> Among these works rests a collection penned by Divers, the realm's denizens; and
> in this collection are entries penned by Shift Divers, the realm's graduates -
> those who have advanced to the final stage of spiritual evolution and ascended
> beyond the Devworld itself.

yesssssss <3 <3 <3

> "Readers of my previous works may note that I have once again opted to provide
> the bulk of my information in poetic rather than prosaic form.  Whether this is
> to your personal taste is irrelevant; should you prefer otherwise, by all means
> do the research yourself, pass through all the Gates, and - as I have - leave
> something of value for others to absorb and learn from in your wake.
> If the path is too difficult for you to attempt, be silent and listen."

O damn bro

> For everything that now exists in truth
> (Perhaps in True Reality as well),
> There first was concept only, "prototype";
> And this First World was concept-given-form.

yesssssssss <3

> If our world is a raging battlefield,
> The First was but a sandbox, built for play.
> A "pantheon" of six to oversee it,
> To build and break, repeat, learn, and exchange.

This is so good!!

> If only we could see that history -
> That origin, from whence divinity
> Arose, to guide the First and then our own;
> No doubt some burning questions would resolve.

Also you'd realize that the gods are NEEEEEEEEERDS!!

> The names we know, of course: Ortega, Gretel,
> Mateo; those who guide our wand'ring steps.

oooooooh *takes notes*

> These "gods" who stood opposed to those we know
> Would take our world and shape it diff'rently;
> And truth be told, they still do even now,
> As much as they are able, while restrained.

Yesyesyessss :D

> The first, He Who Consumes.
> The next, She Who Transforms.
> The last, She Who Destroys.
> This must be said, and understood by all:
> The six who shaped our prototype First World
> Were neither good nor evil, right nor wrong;
> They merely differed in their chosen path.

Yessssssss. <3 <3 <3 Game designers! :D

> Had everything proceeded diff'rently,
> Our gods unknown, the unknown gods foremost -
> What sort of world might we reside in now?
> One far removed from what we know, perhaps...


> Alessandra takes an aggressive tone in her preamble, to be sure, but not without
> justification.  Very few Divers will ever go to the lengths she did in order to
> research and explore the true nature of this reality, its history and its
> possibilities; they are more often preoccupied with 'playing the game', whatever
> that entails.
> I cannot fault a fellow seeker of secrets for feeling unappreciated in their own time.

Indeed. :o

Drew "the good shit!!" Nilium

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