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On 11/12/21 3:25 PM, Jeanne Morningstar wrote:
> (Anything that doesn't makes sense 
> there is probably a reference to recurring ideas/memes from that site, unless it 
> isn't.)

X3 That's familiar.

> I of course failed in the big creative project I set out for myself, writing a 
> set of Jenny Everywhere stories one day of every month. But I came up with a lot 
> of good and useful ideas along the way.

That's what's important!

> It's here I really start 
> sketching out the relationship between Jenny and Laura Drake, which is a central 
> part of my take on the character.

Heck yessssss

> all that writing 
> over the years has added up to one of the longest, best and most developed 
> stories I've written today, one that I actually seem likely to finish. I look a 
> lot more kindly on all my weird old experiments now because of that.

Awwwww. <3 Yeah.

> A miniature city preserved from a dead world.

Rescued during Jenny's battle with the Ultimate Algorithm, due to the strange 
sacrifice of her weird counterpart, Ynnej Erehwyreve!

> A maze of twisty little passages, all alike.


> Except she wasn’t alone There was something coming her way: a strange black 
> thing with many eyes. There was something oddly familiar about it. Then she 
> remembered that she hadn’t just seen this thing before, she knew what it was 
> like to see the world through those eyes. And then she remembered something 
> else, something too big and strange to put into words, and wondered why she 
> suddenly felt naked without goggles.

oooooooh. Lovely. :D

> Somewhere we’re together in the park with our family. I’m playing tag with our 
> youngest daughter, running through the trees. You shake your head and wonder 
> when I’ll grow up.
> Somewhere I watch as you kiss her beneath the moonlight. I tell myself you’re 
> happy with her and that’s what matters as I hold back my tears.
> Somewhere the sky is burning and you lie dead at my feet. Even after everything 
> you’ve done I wish there could have been another way.

I know who this is!! :D :D :D

> Laura was sitting alone in the bathroom, wishing desperately the party would end 
> and she could go home.

There she is. n.n

> “No, really! I have all the memories of all the other mes in all the other 
> worlds, and I can also jump between them. Like this. Hold on tight!” Jenny had 
> always made up these strange stories since they were in high school, and Laura 
> knew the best thing to do was play along. Jenny grabbed her by the hand, and 
> then she felt the world lurch around her. She caught a brief glimpse of a clear 
> night sky with two moons, and then they fell to the floor in the bathroom. What 
> just happened? Laura hadn’t drunk anything…
> Jenny groaned, clutching her head. “I’m never doing that again…”

heeheeheehee :3

> Nowhere

Aw shit

> He’d only caught glimpses of her before but now he could see her clearly. She 
> was a statuesque blonde woman dressed in an elegant black suit. She wore a 
> polished black gas mask, which reflected the city around her. The moonlight cast 
> long shadows of the dumpsters and scattered trash in the alley, but she herself 
> had no shadow.

So fuckin creepycool! :D

> The octopus-headed man looked at her with its large, inky black pupil-less eyes. 
> It held a gun in every single one of its tentacles.

Yessssssss :3 :3 :3

> They stood alone in the desert beneath the weird, jagged rock formation that 
> loomed through the night. The crimson-robed man raised his staff. “Draw!” he said.
> The Cthulhu Kid fired all of his guns at once.

Love it love it love it!!!

> “It’s too late.” It laughed harshly. “The Old Ones are coming. The stars are 
> right. Look up.”
> She looked up in the sky and saw that the stars had taken the shape of a vast, 
> alien creature. She looked it in the eye and stuck out her tongue.

yessssssss <3 <3 <3

> “They said I was the world’s greatest hero. I had no idea how little that meant 
> until I left my world behind. We came together from countless worlds to fight 
> it. But we lost and everything was torn apart. Somehow I survived and wound up 
> here, in this weird pseudo-universe made of bits and pieces of destroyed worlds. 

Oh, this is reminiscent of what you're doing now.

> “You’re right. I did fail you. Every time it’s manifested I’ve tried 
> to stop it and failed. But that means I know every single way that doesn’t work. 
> All I have to do is keep trying something different, and someday I’ll come up 
> with one that does. And one day someone, somewhere will be able to stop it. 
> Maybe it’ll be us. Now who wants to hear the plan?”


> She felt she could hear the stone speak to her. [What’s the point? Great heroes 
> from many worlds came here, hoping to defeat me. They stand here neither living 
> nor dead. What makes you think you’re any different? And even if you win, that’s 
> just one little victory. There’s so much evil in the many worlds, and there’s so 
> little you can do about it. Your work can never be complete.]
> Its words seemed painfully true. But she struggled in her heart to find an 
> answer, and thought: *I reject your reality and stubstitue my own!*
> A small crack began to appear in the stone.

Haha this really is the fight, huh @@

> “It’s too late,” said Death.
> “No it isn’t,” answered Jenny.

X3 Perfect!!!! <3 <3 <3

> The Fall of the Strange and Wonderful House
> [September 10th, 2014]
> And so it was over: all the artifacts had been auctioned off, the ghosts had all 
> found other places to haunt, the alchemists had moved their Great Work 
> elsewhere, and the only two people were left. One was a dragon and the other was 
> Jenny Everywhere.
> “It’s strange,” said Jenny, “I haven’t been to this House in ages and I’ll still 
> miss it.”

Oh, lovely and meta. :D

> “Yeah. Just came back for one last thing.” With a flourish of her hand and a 
> wide grin, Jenny revealed a tiny House the size of a Christmas ornament. “It’s a 
> House seed. I’m sure I’ll find some use for it.” She tucked it into her 
> capacious pocket.
> And so they walked off elsewhere, leaving behind the silent shore of the Tarn.

awwwwww lovely.

Drew "always planting seeds" Nilium

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