PRECOG: Crisis Legion NetCascader

Drew Nilium pwerdna at
Tue May 25 17:03:11 PDT 2021

[Various cool scenes of action play, including transformations, over-the-top
martial arts, various types of energy beams, things exploding, &etc.]

VOICEOVER GUY: For the first time, on the Internet in full color! Henshin
Legion Nethero thirtieth anniversary series, Crisis Legion NetCascader!

MIDOKNIGHT: I want... to protect!

VOICEOVER GUY: The action-packed adventures of the transforming heroes!

LIEUTENANT L: Innnnteresting...

VOICEOVER GUY: Learn of their history, and watch it be rewritten!

CARDINAL MAXIMUS: Come! The artificial Vector army!

VOICEOVER GUY: See their triumphs and their defeats thru the eyes of the
greatest passion!

NETACCESS: Something strange and unusual... is happening... in this Runiverse!

VOICEOVER GUY: Watch as world after world comes to a climax!

DR. TACHIKIRU: Ultimate disconnect! I am Ultimate Tachikiru!

VOICEOVER GUY: And wonder, as new heroes step forward into a new century!

KID ENTHUSIASTIC: To stand up for joy and chaos, and overcome fear and the
Gray... that's Nethero, the ambassadors of nonsense!

VOICEOVER GUY: Crisis Legion NetCascader! Now that's the fan's top!


Drew "I refuse to explain myself" Nilium

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