LNH: Burst Beetle Tweseveny #9: "2007: The Umpire's Call and the Last Rung's Fall!"

deucexm deucexm at gmail.com
Fri Sep 4 19:33:45 PDT 2020

AUGH this is so good.

I know we just talked about it but the sheer energy that you infuse your works 
with, the very Drew-specific touches in each piece, all of it is wonderful.  
The characters are relatable and often lovable, and they feel /full/ - they 
have depth, they're not just flat names and powersets.  And of course the high 
intensity tokusatsu styling (particularly since I've been watching so much 
Kamen Rider recently) is a delight - it doesn't feel like a copy or rip-off, 
it is very much you being you.

A joy to read, and I look forward eagerly to the next installment.

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