LNH: Hungry, Hungry Sabertooths! #6pi III.2: "~A Fragmentary Pi-sage~"

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Thu Oct 29 19:59:31 PDT 2020

#6pi III.2: "~A Fragmentary Pi-sage~"
A mini-tale of cleaning house, by Drew Nilium


Agent Bennigan exulted. He could feel the power of Simplicity flowing thru him. 
What to fix next? The many different directions LNHers and villains seemed to be 
going off in? The hinted-at-but-never-moved-forward plot about Erik the Plaid 
and the Midwest Brotherhood? That whole thing about Cliche Dude being a dog?

...no. All of a sudden, he realized - he was getting bogged down in the details.

He was learning to sense the shape of the narrative thru the Ring - and it was 
getting clogged. Too many things were happening, or needed to happen. Different 
plotlines were getting out of sync, which meant...

"The simplest thing you can do is..." Agent Bennigan smiled. "Nothing." He 
raised the Ring in the air. "Let's take a breather."


A cool spring wind ran thru the LNHQ, thru Net.ropolis, inside the dome and out, 
gently tugging loose leaves off the branches of time...


"What perfidy is this!?" exclaimed the Black Halo.

"Doesn't matter how many little girls you pull out of your pocket, I'm still 
gonna beat you," said Imperilus. "Which, by the way, ew."

Mashup Laq gripped their desk in frustration. "Guys, guys, could you just STOP--"

But suddenly she was talking to no one.


A squad of power-armored kiwis trooped around the LNHQ grounds. The lead kiwi 
barked a warning, and the squad turned.

Of course. Their old enemy had returned - the *sheep*!

The two opposing symbols of Net.Zealand charged at each other, kiwi lasers 
powering up, troll-sheep snorting flames, about to meet in a chaotic scrum--

But suddenly the kiwis were charging at no one.


Marvel Zombie Lad sat on one of the passenger seats of the East Coast 
Brotherhood of Net.Villains's EastJet, deep in thought. Did he still want to 
burn down the comics industry? After what Marvel Zombie Girl had shown him [in 
Legion of Net.Heroes Vol. 3 #1 - trying-a-bunch-of-face-masks Footnote Girl], 
was he willing to fight his former comrades in the LNH?

And if not - how could he quench this rage?

But suddenly no one was asking a question of no one.


Agent Bennigan smiled as he threw himself, too, to the winds of time. He would 
return soon. They would all return soon. The spark would return to the powderkeg--

--and explode!!


Drew "steadily moving towards a climax" Nilium

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