LNH: Legion of Net.Heroes Volume 3 #3: "Sequels are Always Worse" [5/6]

Drew Nilium pwerdna at gmail.com
Thu Nov 12 17:51:05 PST 2020

On 11/10/20 1:20 PM, Jeanne Morningstar wrote:
> "Whoa!" said Sarcastic Lad, drinking Sister Sexy, Evil and Mad as Hell's 
> bondage-y costume with his eyes, but before he could say a single word the 
> flames around her gripped hold of him, tied him up and gagged him, and slammed 
> him into a wall.
> "You know, valid," said Token Girl, "but I'm still going to have to stop you." 

X3 <3 <3 <3

> "I spent my whole life stating the obvious and no one would listen to me. No 
> more talk."

That's such a good line.

> "I certainly did!" said Romantic Innuendo, who'd mostly been silently gloating 
> this whole time.
> "Hey, no one asked you!" said Mashup Laq.


> Doctor Stomper had considered 
> the idea of creating a Biodata Dial that could store powers for them to use 
> long-term; studying the techno-daemonic VR chamber might help him figure out how 
> to construct that... and it was much easier for Doctor Stomper to think about 
> that kind of thing than what to do about wReanna or Cat.

SUCH good characterization!

> "All right," they said. "Cat, I can help you. Here." They touched her on the 
> shoulder. "With the combined powers of Hell Catalyst and Catalyst Lass, I am... 
> Double Catalyst!" That was clever, but Doctor Stomper knew that as a mashup of 
> people with the same powers it wouldn't last long.

*More* accurate use of their powers! :D

> "And... okay, I did kind of have a huge crush on you for a while that 
> influenced my big gender feelings." They laughed. "Now that I think about it, I 
> know a lot of transfeminine people who realized they were that way because of 
> you. The whole catalyzation thing."

Awwwwwww <3 Valid

> Catalyst Lass smiled wanly. She was clearly struggling, after coming to terms 
> with the effects of her actions, with the idea she could also effect people 
> positively.


> The Flames of Silver Age Female Character Rage formed into a hand that gripped 
> Dr. Stomper by the neck. "What the hell does 'Doctor Stomper' mean, anyway?" she 
> said.
> "Ah, that's quite simple, you see. It comes from, er..." He was horrified to 
> find something he couldn't properly exposit about.


> "I will admit..." He was somewhat hoping the flames would kill him before he had 
> to say this. "I have had feelings for you for some time. But primarily, I want 
> to find a way for you to be happy."


> "This is an ugly costume," she said. She grabbed ahold 
> of the amulet, screaming as the fires coursed through her, ripped it off and 
> flung it aside. "John Byrne has some issues with women!" she cried defiantly.


Drew "this is extremely good" Nilium

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