SW10/LNH: Return of Just Another Multi-Writer Cascade That Will Probably Never Have an Ending - New Bosnia!

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On 2019-11-21 21:15, Drew Perron wrote:

> Net.Access rose up over the whirlpool. "To summon the Characterization 
> Stone..." She held out the Kube in front of her. "I summon our future." 
> She closed her eyes. "The future where all those long-forgotten stories 
> would be finally finished. Where everything that we hoped to see flashed 
> before our eyes in a perfect moment. Where we could resolve everything, 
> once and for all, and seal it with a perfect 'The End'."
> The Kube began to glow, softly at first, then coruscating with silvery 
> color, filling with the energies of dream and desire. "Once, I 
> sacrificed a perfect, finished past for an unbounded future, bright with 
> possibility. Now, I sacrifice a perfect, finished future, so that that 
> unbounded possibility may be accessible to all, each day free of the 
> guilt of ages, each day open and new!"


In the Meadowlands Arena of New Jersey, the Super-Savior took time out 
from leading his growing rebel army against the Turkish Empire.  He 
spoke with visitors from Prussia...  "You say, I'm the legitimate 
Emperor of your country?"


"And I just have to go to war with the Sultan of Turkey?  I'm already 
doing that!"

"Indeed.  We simply wish to advise you."


The Turkish Sultan flew across the Atlantic Ocean with his newly 
acquired superhuman powers, toward confrontation with the American 
rebels who opposed his transoceanic empire.  New York had submitted; why 
would not New Jersey?!


Then the Wave of Peace arrived.

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