SW10/LNH: Return of Just Another Multi-Writer Cascade That Will Probably Never Have an Ending - New Bosnia!

Scott Eiler seiler at eilertech.com
Thu Nov 21 22:38:55 PST 2019

On 2019-11-21 22:00, Scott Eiler wrote:
 > In the Meadowlands Arena of New Jersey, the Super-Savior took time out
 > from leading his growing rebel army against the Turkish Empire.  He
 > spoke with visitors from Prussia...  "You say, I'm the legitimate
 > Emperor of your country?"
 > "Indeed."
 > "And I just have to go to war with the Sultan of Turkey?  I'm already
 > doing that!"
 > "Indeed.  We simply wish to advise you."
 > ...
 > The Turkish Sultan flew across the Atlantic Ocean with his newly
 > acquired superhuman powers, toward confrontation with the American
 > rebels who opposed his transoceanic empire.  New York had submitted; 
 > > why would not New Jersey?!
 > ...
 > Then the Wave of Peace arrived.
 > --
 > -- Scott Eiler --
 > -- http://www.eilertech.com/stories/2011/page.php?fn=newbosnia7.txt --

And so the Sultan of Turkey stood alongside his opponent the so-called 
Super-Savior, on the balcony of the Empire State Minaret in New York City.

"People of New York!  We in the Turkish Empire appreciate your joining 
with us, for the incredible worldwide markets we provide!"  - scattered 

"People of the rest of America!  We will associate with you as you like! 
  But we are not here to conquer you!"  - more applause

"To make this point, I will appoint *your* leader to high position in my 
Sultanate!  He is Scott Stiles!  You call him the Super-Savior!"  - wide 

"New York City has its own administration.  I do not interfere with it. 
But I appoint Scott Stiles the Consul of Turkey to North America!  Your 
scattered nations may each come to him with your issues!"

The Sultan handed his microphone headset to Scott Stiles.  "Hi, 
America!"  - great applause

"Northerner!  Westerner!  Southron!  We all know, the rest of the world 
is crowding in.  That's a fact!  They want to be a part of America!  - 
And who wouldn't??"  - applause

"You'll all figure out what to do yourselves.  But I'll be here to help 
you!!"  - great applause


After the crowd started dispersing, Scott Stiles remained next to the 
Sultan of Turkey on the balcony.  He said, "That went a lot better than 
it could have."

"Indeed.  Merciful God has granted us another chance in our history."


Author's Note:  Thank you Drew, for inspiring a simple yet elegant way 
to end one of those Multi-Writer Cascades.  I will admit, I was not 
looking forward to the way my part of the cascade was going.  But then 
you sent just one more cosmic wave to influence things.  And I've tried 
to keep things topical, because some things are the same across universes.

-- Scott

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