SW10/WWW: Doom Bear 1989 (#1-2): Doom Quest!

Scott Eiler seiler at eilertech.com
Mon Nov 11 18:41:06 PST 2019

Powernaut Comics is proud to produce its own content for its prime 
publishing slot on Monday nights.  "Psychovant Teaches American History" 
will now come out on Thursday nights, most likely.

Here we have the 1989 series, featuring...  well, the Doom Bear. 
Powernauts aren't exactly pleased about this, but the Doom Bear is still 
having more adventure than Powernauts are in 1989.

I'll probably produce two strips a week, for this and five more weeks. 
I might as well admit, I've got the entire series done and almost ready 
for coloring.



Bonus Section:  2005 Reprint Commentary from Wyatt Ferguson!  Well, 
Yeah, the Doom Bear

Well, crap.  The early 1990s turned out to be a power struggle among the 
U.S. Gov, Ellipsis, and the Doom Bear.  I'm pretty amazed that Powernaut 
Comics claims to have the origins of *any* of this.  But I can't say 
they're wrong.

I've visited the Canadian Arctic.  So I recognize their alphabet.  I see 
Auge von Shaitan is using actual Inuit words.  The ones he's using, 
translate to "Summon Destiny Bear".  The Inuit do not have a word for 
Doom.  But the Doom Bear suddenly seems to want to meet the Great Bear 
of the Inuit lands...  This certainly wouldn't be the first time an evil 
mage miscalculated and the rest of us had to live with the results.

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