META: RACCCon 2019! Where and when?

Arthur Spitzer arspitzer2 at
Wed May 22 19:44:33 PDT 2019

Okay, looks like it's going to be Benicia because I totally failed to convince Rob to steal from his kids' 
college funds to pay for a plane ticket somewhere.  :)

Also, Scott's bowing out of going anywhere this summer so I suppose it might just be me and Rob (and 
Figment Lad, well unless Figment Lad chooses Pittsburgh).  But maybe Russ Allbery will join us or maybe 
Saxon will decide to have another vacation to America or maybe someone else will join us.

It will be sometime around June 28th to July 7th.  I don't know if Drew and Jeanne will have their get 
together around that time (it's up to them).  I guess we'll have some online skype gathering that everyone 
that has skype can participate in during that time.

Also, I'll happily share my hotel room with someone and pay all of the expenses for it (like Saxon did for me 
back in 2012) for as long as I have the hotel room.  Well, as long as I have a vague knowledge of who you 
are.  So, if anyone has interest in sharing a room please e-mail me or something.

So that's where it's at at the moment.  Rob and me in Benicia, CA and Drew and Jeanne in Pittsburgh, PA.

Arthur "Update.." Spitzer

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