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On 2019-05-18 16:21, George Phillies wrote:
> For those of you puzzled by the Heinlein references in the bit:
> "Oh, yes, thank you, Daddy," Trisha gushed. "that makes complete sense 
> in the Regency novel, except my teacher said my novel had to do with the 
> Heinlein Act, which made no sense, not that I’m sure what the Heinlein 
> Act is."
> Abigail rolled her eyes. "The Heinlein Act is that Navy monstrosity.But 
> you knew Heinlein, didn’t you, dear?" she asked Patrick.
> "Indeed I did," Patrick answered. "He was a fine Navy Admiral who’d won 
> three skirmishes, officially with pirates, and retired with combat 
> injuries.He wanted to become a writer, but needed to support his family, 
> so he’d read law. A few years later, along came this young lady, about 
> the age of you three, and about as bright, who wanted Heinlein to use 
> bad wording in a California state law to divorce her parents.  Her name is 
> under seal; her initials were P.W. Her parents, it later turned out, 
> were truly terrible people. Her case reached the Supreme Court.  Heinlein 
> won his case.  Congress codified, the Heinlein Act, rules letting 
> adult-competent children divorce truly bad parents.  Heinlein then took up 
> writing, full-time, made a fortune, and won the Nobel Prize for 
> Literature."

"Admiral Heinlein" probably counts as a trope by now.  And parent / 
child divorce sounds like something he might have suggested.  For all I 
know, he did.  So I got it.

> But how does an Admiral get wounded in a skirmish?  At the start, we had 
> two Carrier Groups, and the officially-not-Manjukuoans had six.  At the 
> end, we had two in very serious need of yard time, and they had two, one 
> of which apparently went down in a north Pacific storm with all hands on 
> the way home.

This is the kind of offbeat detail I love about your universe.  So 
America fought Manchuria in a major war - and America was colonized from 
the west?

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