MISC: Eclipse The Girl Who Saved The World (Drew Perron)

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> On 2019-05-18 16:21, George Phillies wrote:
Her name is
> under seal; her initials were P.W. Her parents, it later turned out,
> were truly terrible people. Her case reached the Supreme Court.  Heinlein
> won his case.  Congress codified, the Heinlein Act, rules letting
> adult-competent children divorce truly bad parents.  Heinlein then took up
> writing, full-time, made a fortune, and won the Nobel Prize for
> Literature."
> "Admiral Heinlein" probably counts as a trope by now.  And parent /
> child divorce sounds like something he might have suggested.  For all I
> know, he did.  So I got it.

Indeed, he did, in The Star Beast.  The child suing for divorce was iirc 
Pee Wee.

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