SW10/WWW: Doom Bear 1989 #7-8: I Have Business On My Continent!

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Sun Dec 8 13:45:30 PST 2019

On Saturday, December 7, 2019 at 12:05:48 AM UTC-7, Scott Eiler wrote:
> On 2019-12-02 19:18, Scott Eiler wrote:

> - The Doom Bear, for North America.  Various evil powers.  These include 
> mental domination, energy bolts, and the summoning of storms.
> - The Doom Pony, for Europe.  Powers of a pony that breathes fire.
> - The Little Doom Lion King, for Africa.  Powers of a lion, plus the 
> ability to impose melancholy upon others.
> - The Doom Panda of Gravity, for Asia.  Powers of a giant bear-like 
> creature, plus mental domination and the ability to decrease or increase 
> the force of gravity upon himself.
> - The Doom Koala of Speed, for Australia.  Super-speed.
> - The Doom Spider Monkey of Attitude, for South America.  Probably the 
> best mental domination of all the Doom Creatures.  Also, the most agile 
> and difficult to identify.
> - The Exploding Doom Penguin, for Antarctica.  Explodes, and reforms 
> their body afterward.  Is not known to speak.
> Each Doom Creature has a Doom Sense.  They sense impending doom.
> The creatures roam freely throughout the Earth.  The Doom Pony has 
> adopted humans in Afghanistan.  The Doom Koala and Little Doom Lion King 
> have done likewise in the United States.
> All the Doom Creatures are male... except maybe the Doom Spider Monkey 
> of Attitude and the Exploding Doom Penguin.  We can't quite tell.

No Little Doom Mermaid for the Continent of Atlantis?

Arthur "Dooming.." Spitzer

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