SW10/WWW: Doom Bear 1989 #7-8: I Have Business On My Continent!

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> Seven Doom Creatures take their posts, but that's only the start of the 
> Doom Bear's plans this year.
> http://www.eilertech.com/stories/powernaut/1989.htm#7
> Two more strips this week.  Even if I only do one strip a week from here 
> on out, I'll get the story done this year.  But I see no reason to go 
> that slow yet.


Bonus Section:  2005 Reprint Commentary from Wyatt Ferguson!  The Doom 

The Doom Creatures have shown up together on Earth since 1989.   I think 
it was 1995 when they fought Total Conversion...  In any case, the world 
knows those creatures.  It might be useful to list them and their 
continents now.  The creatures sometimes represent specific powers 
instead of just Doom; when known, this is listed.  All their powers are 
at high superhuman levels, including the powers that come from their 
various species.

- The Doom Bear, for North America.  Various evil powers.  These include 
mental domination, energy bolts, and the summoning of storms.

- The Doom Pony, for Europe.  Powers of a pony that breathes fire.

- The Little Doom Lion King, for Africa.  Powers of a lion, plus the 
ability to impose melancholy upon others.

- The Doom Panda of Gravity, for Asia.  Powers of a giant bear-like 
creature, plus mental domination and the ability to decrease or increase 
the force of gravity upon himself.

- The Doom Koala of Speed, for Australia.  Super-speed.

- The Doom Spider Monkey of Attitude, for South America.  Probably the 
best mental domination of all the Doom Creatures.  Also, the most agile 
and difficult to identify.

- The Exploding Doom Penguin, for Antarctica.  Explodes, and reforms 
their body afterward.  Is not known to speak.

Each Doom Creature has a Doom Sense.  They sense impending doom.

The creatures roam freely throughout the Earth.  The Doom Pony has 
adopted humans in Afghanistan.  The Doom Koala and Little Doom Lion King 
have done likewise in the United States.

All the Doom Creatures are male... except maybe the Doom Spider Monkey 
of Attitude and the Exploding Doom Penguin.  We can't quite tell.

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