DIVA: Royals #6

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I do so enjoy writing this series, when it comes to me.
Headspace can be such a finicky thing.


Royals: A DiVerse Alpha Chronicle 
by Felix 



Jack looked around at the shimmering gold lines on either side of him, then back
up at the face still glowing in the darkness.  "Euclid, I - I really haven't the
slightest idea what to do now."

The massive dragon let out a soft rumbling chuckle.  "Few mortals do, little
Prince, and even those who do may still be wrong.  I shall give you some advice,
if you would hear it."

"I would be delighted to hear your wisdom, Guardian," Jack returned brightly. 
"By all means."

"Then hearken to my words, young Prince," Euclid rumbled, as the golden glow
around Jack pulsed brightly and spiraled up into the air, forming a humanoid
image.  "I shall tell you of the future; three futures I see for you.  And then
I shall hear what you think of them."

The Prince watched as the golden lines and curves sharpened, forming... was it
him?  Older, perhaps - and clad in dark and heavy armor, the interplay of light
and shadow creating an ominous look indeed.  The monochrome figure withdrew a
scepter and held it up triumphantly, a crackling halo forming above the little
mace, and then looked down.

Jack's eyes met those of his future self, and he trembled to see the eager
violence in their depths.

"In one path," Euclid began, "you decided to keep your title, and your sister
hers, to save the Throne its destabilization.  And so it was; but you threw
yourself into the role of Rad Prince as best you could, too rashly, and it
changed you for the worse.  For the sake of becoming what you had to be, you
lost sight of who you should have been; and instead of the Rad Prince, you
became... the Tyrant."

"And this Tyrant's people, what do they think of him?" the Prince ventured.

"They love and fear him both," Euclid intoned gravely, "but their love is for
the memory of what was; and their fear is the greater part by far."

Jack nodded thoughtfully.  "Then I would hear of a different path."

The Tyrant's figure burst into a firework of golden motes, which halted in their
display, then reversed, forming a figure once more. But this time a different
one appeared: still his face, but the lines were softer - and far more regal. 
It reminded him of his mother, actually; and the outfit - ah!  "That's the
Queen's robe!" he exclaimed, marveling at the perfect recreation.

"And this is the Queen," Euclid confirmed in his low rumble.  "In one path, you
embraced your new title fully, growing daily in wisdom and might, and soon
enough surpassed the existing Queen.  With your command of the golden power, you
outshone her as the brightest star dominates all lesser lights, and so she had
no choice but to yield the throne to you."

Jack tapped his chin.  "But what did she do after that?"

Euclid let out a quiet sigh.  "What all former queens do; she lived a quiet,
solitary life, awaiting the return of her beloved King. Alas..."

"Please, don't," the Prince interrupted, raising a hand to forestall the words
he'd rather not hear.  "Can you tell me of the third future, instead?"

"Ah yes..."  Once more the gold-trimmed figure burst, then reversed, a new and
different form arising from the swirling cloud of tiny dots. His third
other-self wore a long, billowy coat with the sleeves rolled up, loose pants,
sturdy boots, and a pair of shining gloves - and once again their eyes met, and
this time Jack warmed at the sight of a saucy, cheerful grin.

"In one path, you embraced neither Prince nor Princess," Euclid explained, "and
left a title vacant - taking for yourself the name and role of the Rogue. 
Adventurous, carefree, bound by naught and beholden to none, yet beloved of all
in the kingdom."

"Even my mother and sister?" the Prince mused, thoughtfully.

"Yes, even your mother, who wept for the loss of her Prince, and your sister,
who you could not aid when she needed you the most.  For despite what they lost,
they still had you."

Jack frowned.  "I do not like the sound of that; but I do not like /any/ of
these futures!"

Euclid chuckled quietly.  "Much as I suspected.  Thus I imparted these tales,
that you would be forewarned, and in charting your course be able to avoid such
pitfalls as have been revealed."  The dragon let out a long, hissing breath. 
"The future is never certain, young Prince, and those with the will to change it
may often do just that. But tell me - what future would /you/ have?"

The Prince took a deep breath, and let it out, relaxing his body and focusing on
the moment before continuing.  This place, the golden light, Euclid, everything
- so amazing and new.  "A future where I am true to myself /and/ true to
others," he began firmly, "where /no one/ is abandoned or left behind; and where
we can /all/ be happy, if we but /choose/ to be."

"And how will you go about ensuring this bright future?" Euclid rumbled

After a moment in thought, Jack nodded.  "I shall be the best Princess I can be
- with the guidance of my mother the Queen, who doubtless knows the most about
such matters - and I shall support my sister the Prince in her endeavors as much
as I am able.  For so long as we are united in purpose, we will /surely/ find
the best path!"

Euclid's face split in a toothy grin.  "Well spoken, young Prince.  It would
seem your sister is in agreement; thus, all that remains is my portion as
Guardian.  So!"

The 'ground' beneath Jack's feet shuddered, the golden lines dancing and
sparking all around him as the mighty dragon shifted, and pronounced:


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