SW10/WWW: Powernaut 2014 #12: Nope (Re: Part 2: World Egg!)

Scott Eiler seiler at eilertech.com
Thu Aug 15 18:49:54 PDT 2019

On 2019-08-12 19:19, Scott Eiler wrote:
> Without further ado, 2014 Part 2 is here!
> http://www.eilertech.com/stories/powernaut/2014b.htm >
> This series has been delayed, because I waited to work on it until I'd 
> cleared questions for Part 1.  In the meantime, I worked on the 1989 
> series.  It's far enough along, that I'm previewing its first six issues 
> now!  But then 2014 Part 1 ended with such a cliffhanger, that it would 
> not be my first choice to make people wait four months for the next 
> installment.  So, let's get it going in just two months, and hope for 
> the best.
> ... The best has happened.  I have sequestered myself in a remote 
> location, with just two pubs to walk to (if I count Applebees), and 
> denied myself television.  So I still have some comic drawing time in 
> public, and I work on Powernaut Comics to amuse myself every night.  I 
> have nine strips saved up now, ready for coloring.  I should have 
> another ready soon. That puts the series through 2014 #20.  It's slated 
> for #24.  So it should be safe to proceed.
> Next week, the RACCCon 2019 Crossover!

... Next week is now!  Indeed, 2014 #21 of 24 is ready for coloring.

I've been doing so well at catching up on comics, I'm going to release 
some of the backlog.  Let's see how long I can manage two comics a week! 
  (I once made it through three weeks of doing that.)  It's not going to 
fix how I follow up cliffhangers with more cliffhangers, but at least 
we'll get past that stuff faster.


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