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Russ Allbery eagle at
Sat Mar 17 20:17:41 PDT 2018

Arthur Spitzer <arspitzer2 at> writes:

> But, yeah, I remember the Stirge.

Oh, yes, of course!  You were around in those days.

> I remember the cascades that he had back on alt.comics.lnh with wReam,
> and Stephane and others.  I remember all the lnh stories he wrote.  He
> did this promo once for Errand Boy that involved this Net.ropolis rag
> called the Mid.Net Star, which inspired me to do a bunch of Mid.Net Star
> articles for my own Mid.Net Star 20th Anniversary Special.


> I only had a few brief e-mail exchanges with him way back in '94.  One
> of which was that he had a brother who was living in Flagstaff (where I
> was going to school at the time) and how if I ever saw his brother like
> in a comic shop he suggested something hilarious that I should say to
> his brother (which since I didn't have any desire to be punched by the
> Stirge's brother I didn't ever do).

Oh, yes.  That sounds like Stirge.

> Anyway, thank you for sharing that touching tribute to your friend with
> us, Russ.

> There aren't many LNH writers in this world of ours.  And now there is
> one less.

> He will be missed.

> Arthur "RIP" Spitzer

Thank you.

Russ Allbery (eagle at              <>

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