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Fri Mar 9 11:07:00 PST 2018

On Thursday, March 8, 2018 at 9:01:37 PM UTC-7, Russ Allbery wrote:
> I'm not sure if there's anyone still active here who remembers Stirge, but
> this and the rest of rec.arts.comics.* was his first on-line community.
> He was an LNH author many years ago (Errand Boy, Miss Ng in Action) and a
> Superguy author (Errands, God Boy).  I wanted to post this here in case
> anyone from the old days may be reading.
> I'm afraid he died earlier this week in Tucson.
> Stirge was one of my oldest and dearest friends.  I wrote a little bit
> about that in my own journal:
> -- 
> Russ Allbery (eagle at              <>


That's very sad to hear.

But, yeah, I remember the Stirge.  I remember the cascades
that he had back on alt.comics.lnh with wReam, and Stephane
and others.  I remember all the lnh stories he wrote.  He did this
promo once for Errand Boy that involved this Net.ropolis rag called
the Mid.Net Star, which inspired me to do a bunch of Mid.Net Star
articles for my own Mid.Net Star 20th Anniversary Special.

I only had a few brief e-mail exchanges with him way back in '94.
One of which was that he had a brother who was living in
Flagstaff (where I was going to school at the time) and how if
I ever saw his brother like in a comic shop he suggested
something hilarious that I should say to his brother (which
since I didn't have any desire to be punched by the Stirge's
brother I didn't ever do).

Anyway, thank you for sharing that touching tribute to your
friend with us, Russ.

There aren't many LNH writers in this world of ours.  And
now there is one less.

He will be missed.

Arthur "RIP" Spitzer

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