LNH20: Writer's Block Person #36: "Capture Card Device"

Scott Eiler seiler at eilertech.com
Tue Jan 23 18:56:29 PST 2018

On 2018-01-22 23:08, Drew Perron wrote:


> There was a rattle, and they turned around. A different card game - 
> Slash - was rattling in its box.
> Writer's Block Person stepped forward, reached out a single finger, and 
> poked it. The cards exploded out, forming into a vague humanoid shape 
> that flexed and roared its defiance.
> Writer's Block Person took up a defensive stance. They stretched out 
> their hand, and the staff flew into it. They peered at the floating 
> card, surrounded in darkness... "...oop, this next anxiety's kinda, um, 
> kinda sexual." They looked over their shoulder. "Could y'all, um, just 
> kinda..."

But of course "Slash" is kinda sexual.  Is that a real card game?

> "Oh, sure!" Whisperion picked up her bag and her keys. "See you later!"
> "Bye, Drew!" called Chaos Theory, opening the door for her.

But of course Our Hero's name is Drew.

> The two of them stepped out and walked down to the bus stop on the 
> corner. Whisperion sighed. "Y'know, you ever think, 'Wow, my life got 
> weird?'"
> Chaos Theory looked off into the distance. "Sorry, what was that? I was 
> just intercepting a gravitic wave from a pair of linked black holes a 
> thousand lightyears away. They're trying to solve the problem of 
> induction, and they wanted my opinion." They cocked their head. "Or a 
> fourth for bridge. I'm not sure."
> "...never mind. Have a good game! Or philosophical debate!"
> Chaos Theory waved, and with a clap of reverse thunder, disappeared. 
> Whisperion leaned against the fence. "What a bunch of adorable nerds."
> Drew "neeeeeeeerds" Perron

Yeah, I guess if Chaos Theory is an adorable nerd, he might get 
distracted to the point of almost boarding a bus.

... I enjoyed Our Hero resurgent in this episode.  And it's a good slice 
of life.

I've mostly given up Slice of Life fiction in my own life.  I know I 
could always pick a viewpoint character for anything I need to write... 
but all of my avatars have grown up and gotten their own lives.  So I 
write other stories.  If I ever get to the point where I run out of 
those other stories to write, it'll probably be the end of my 
*fictional* world anyway.

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