8FOLD: Mancers # 6, "Big Scary Brain"

Scott Eiler seiler at eilertech.com
Tue Aug 14 18:07:58 PDT 2018

There were a couple of weird things in this episode...

On 2018-08-13 07:09, Tom Russell wrote:

> "I am a brilliant genius engineer," mutters Sarah upon waking. She
> twists her body so that it rests on her left side, enabling her right
> arm to swing out in search of the pen and paper on her night table.
> She misses the first time, knocking her alarm clock off the table. It
> doesn't land with a hard clunk on the hard wood floor, but rather on
> that pile of papers and books that she really should pick up one of
> these days.

It's a good waking moment, but it's a weird thing to say to oneself in 
*any* circumstance.  Even though you're a game designer and you're proud 
of it, I'll be surprised if you say it to yourself when you awake.  And 
modern-day politics have pretty well established, if you *say* you're a 
genius, you're probably not.

>     There's a sound like the one swords make in movies, and someone is
> grabbing her. Suddenly she's very cold, and then suddenly very warm,
> and when she opens her eyes, she's on top of a roof.
>     Standing next to her is a woman in pink. Pink hair, in a short
> little mohawk, pink jacket, pink pants, pink shoes, pink lipstick,
> pink sunglasses. A little ways from her, with his back turned to them,
> is a big hulking man in a suit. He's talking to someone on the ground
> below. Talking to Maile. It's the roof of the restaurant.

It took me a while to establish that the pink woman was not one of Sarah 
Avery's constructs.  It took me even longer to establish that the big 
hulking man was not *himself* the roof of the restaurant (as in, poking 
out of it).  Given the forces at play, anything is possible here as far 
as I can tell.

But please don't think that these impeded my enjoyment of the story. 
You're still keeping up an admirable air of adventure and mystery.

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