RACCies: Night of the RACCies #4: The Intervention!

Scott Eiler seiler at eilertech.com
Sat Jul 15 19:38:52 PDT 2017

Natural Law Revision Lad looked at the door of his cell.  Despite its 
awesome power which was like unto three universes, he'd successfully 
blown it out.  So he gestured to Cosmic Cataclysm Lass.  "Ladies first."

Meanwhile, Deathspork the Terminator roamed the hallways of the RACCies 
auditorium.  His Deathspork-sense told him, there was something sporky 
*this* way...  And so he saw Cosmic Cataclysm Lass coming out of a 
blasted doorway.

(insert Fight And Then Team Up)

Deathspork said, "So where should we go?"

Cosmic Cataclysm Lass said, "My Cataclysm Sense says, up that stairwell!"

So they went...

They stood outside a room which looked like a stadium guest box. 
Natural Law Revision Lad said, "At last."

The doorway was open, but a guard sat inside.  He said, "Passes, please."

Natural Law Revision Lad said, "Let me think a minute...  Don't stadium 
guards have to take an urgent piss, every fifteen minutes or so?"

"Hey, you're right!"  The guard looked at the three intruders.  "You're 
qualified to get in, right?"


"You wouldn't lie to me, right?"


The guard waved his hand to let them in.  Then he ran off.

Inside, there was a young-ish woman with an umbrella.  She said, "Final 
ingredient.  Right."  Then she turned to the three intruders.  "Ta. 
You're just in time.  We've just sent off our investigating team, at 
right angles to reality.  As soon as they finish their mission, no 
matter how long it takes, we'll know here."

- beep -

"Well all righty then."  The woman pulled a sheet out from a printer. 
"We have our RACCies results now."

"No!!!  This must not be!!!"  Deathspork the Terminator lunged for the 
nearest microphone, and yelled.  "Favorite Character:  Deathspork the 
Terminator!  Favorite Comic:  LNH Comics Presents Deathspork the 
Terminator!  Favorite Story Universe:  LNH featuring Deathspork the 

A loudspeaker responded.  "Perdona me, what are you ordering?"

The woman rolled her eyes.  "Right."  Then she turned to the other two. 
"I'm Rainshade.  I understand you're with Starsmasher.  Please excuse 
the temporary detention, we're kind of busy here."

Natural Law Revision Lad shrugged.  "Understood...  So, people have gone 
off at right angles to reality to get the RACCies results, and we may 
never know what herculean efforts they took to make them happen, but 
*those* are the results?"


"And no force known to humankind can change that now, right?"


Natural Law Revision Lad looked over to Cosmic Cataclysm Lass.  She 
nodded.  So he said, "We agree.  Let's get this done!"


NEXT:  The Mission!
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- from Archie #617, March 2011, scripted by Alex Simmons.

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