SW10/LNH/WWW: Power School 2013 #6: The Excitement is Starting!

Scott Eiler seiler at eilertech.com
Wed Jul 5 18:13:40 PDT 2017

Heh.  Principal Powernaut will be the first to admit, he doesn't follow 
this chess stuff.  But he loves a battle, once it comes up.  It's Lava 
Lamp and Mashup Laq vs. Hipolyta and Pizza Fu, as Homecoming 2013 
finally gets some action!

*I'll* admit, I've been tempted to just fast-forward the story to the 
parts I'll really like.  But as I draw battle poses of Our Young Heroes, 
I start to enjoy this part of the story. Bystanders seem to enjoy the 
drawings too.  (It is still my custom to draw in public.)


This week's proper and appropriate text supplement, is for the guest 
stars.  And I wish I'd known some of this Mashup Laq stuff before I got 
this deep into the story.  Particularly, the style guide.  I know from 
personal experience, bow ties are actually stylish on a sports field.

-  Lava Lamp:  http://www.lnhq.info/wiki/The%20Lavalamp

-  Mashup Laq:  http://www.lnhq.info/wiki/Mashup%20Laq

Is the LNH Wiki stable enough in its new home, for me to direct people 
to it?  It's been bad enough that I couldn't use it much for reference 
before it got rehosted.  But it's kind of embarrassing when it's on a 
new server, and I *still* can't reliably refer people to Psychovant's 
wiki there.

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