[MV] The Super Wizard From Space #63: Demolio, part 3

Scott Eiler seiler at eilertech.com
Sat Jan 21 17:50:50 PST 2017

On 2017-01-21 15:28, Wil Alambre wrote:

> I learn a lot when I look back on an arc (or series of arcs), when I
> finally see all the gnarled knots in the plot, when readers point out
> the confused narrative. I resist the urge to go back and "fix" it all
> via rewriting or rearranging. I figure, if I want to ever put that
> effort in, I should do so when the entire series is complete, and
> therefore do so on the whole.

That's the way I feel about old Powernaut comics.  If I ever finish all 
the outstanding Powernaut plotlines (1987-1999, 2006, 2013-2016), I 
might go back and work on a Master Edition which fits my modern 
publishing standards.  When I do fix something in an old comic, I 
retrofit stuff like the year and publication number.  But for now, 
unless an old comic is just wrong, I leave it alone.

As for making my old text stories readable and appetizing... well, 
that's one of the things Powernaut Comics was created for.  Over the 
years I discovered, most people just want to look at the pictures anyway.

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