[MV] The Super Wizard From Space #63: Demolio, part 3

Wil Alambre wilalambre at gmail.com
Sat Jan 21 15:28:13 PST 2017

The mind-scape sequence in this issue and the last best illlustrate the biggest frustrations I have with my current fiction-writing workflow. Though there's some plotting beforehand, most individual issues get only a couple self-contained drafts before being released. Rarely do I have multiple issues completed before posting, and therefore, rarely do I get a chance to tackle them as a whole before releasing them into the wild.

I learn a lot when I look back on an arc (or series of arcs), when I finally see all the gnarled knots in the plot, when readers point out the confused narrative. I resist the urge to go back and "fix" it all via rewriting or rearranging. I figure, if I want to ever put that effort in, I should do so when the entire series is complete, and therefore do so on the whole.

In the meantime, thank you everyone who continues to read my fiction, as sporadic as the schedule has become. It helps my motivation a lot, knowing someone is still taking an interest,.

And thank you anyone who reviews and/or criticizes an issue. I've only gotten this far and (hopefully!) improved this much through your continued feedback :)

- Wil Alambre

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